Saturday, June 06, 2015

W.I.P. - Working Late [COMPLETED]

The "Working Late" project started as a challenge that one of my friends gave me in late 2013. I was working at Vishka Studio at the time and he asked me to model my desk!
You may ask why name it "Working Late"? It has a very simple answer, I was usually working late hours to do some extra work! Sometimes even after 9PM!!!

Anyway, here's the final render of first version:

and here's a shot of my desk after I finished the first version. You can see the rendered version as my background.

As you can see not the exact desk but my friend was satisfied! But I wasn't! :)

I couldn't find any free time to get back to this and I also left the Vishka Studio and was busy with the new job.

Finally, it was 3 weeks ago that I decided to get back to this and finish what I have started. But looking at the actual reference there wasn't much to do! So, I decided to explode the scene with objects! (Which is what I usually love to do with my scenes)

I'm going to post my progress here from time to time.
You can also follow my W.I.P thread HERE (CGSociety) and HERE (3DTotal).
  • Since there is no actual reference to follow, I'm going to add stuff, re-arrange as necessary and add more!
  • Most of the pictures are gonna be 3DS Max screen grabs and not actual renders. But, I will render the scene frequently, to see how objects look and also to test the lighting.

Update June 4, 2015
Added some more objects

Update June 6, 2015
Added some more objects
Tweaked the lighting a little