Thursday, October 13, 2016

W.I.P. - Abandoned Kitchen [COMPLETED]

Hey there,

I'm back, after a massive game marathon. Assassin's Creed from 1 to Unity, Watch Dogs and GTA V to name a few, and more on the queue :)) I've been busy for a couple of past few years, and couldn't play any of them, also my PC was very old to even begin with. Recently bought an excellent rig and finally dedicated some time to catch on! It was a very fun experience :D

To change the mood decided to work on a new project based on the following photograph:

As usual, I'm gonna change a lot of things.
Here's the first render:

You can also follow my progress at forums, 3DTotalCGSociety and Polycount.

UPDATE December 4, 2015

Progress on the ceiling!
At first I tried to do the ceiling modular-ly, but that didn't work the way I wanted. So, I decided to do it the hard way, and make every plank separately! :)

UPDATE December 11, 2015
More changes.

UPDATE December 17, 2015
Made some changes to the ceiling.
Started working on texture.
Will probably edit the model here and there afterwards to break the uniformity.

UPDATE December 29, 2015

UPDATE January 1, 2016
Probably last update for the ceiling.
Moving on to walls :)

UPDATE February 14, 2016
After a while found some time to work on this.
I've made the base mesh with spline and then converted to mesh.
Next, I will play with the mesh to create the pealing effects.

UPDATE February 19, 2016
Here's the result of pealing effects.

UPDATE February 26, 2016
The right side wall.

UPDATE March 9, 2016
Made some tweaks on lighting.
Progress so far on the right side wall :)

UPDATE April 1, 2016
Some progress :)

UPDATE April 13, 2016
Time to add more objects :)

UPDATE April 29, 2016
Here's the wireframe of the base room geometries (41K polygons)

At first I went with standard way to make walls (simple mesh for lowpoly version, something around 400 polygons), but it didn't turn out as I wished.
It looked so flat when you got close enough!
So, I decided to increase the polygon count to something around 30K. I know, it was a dramatic increase :)
I started the base mesh using splines and then converted them to mesh.
It sure was a time consuming process, but in the end satisfying result :)
The final mesh has 25K polygons.

UPDATE May 27, 2016
Some progress.
Decided to do some damage to the floor. It looks more interesting this way :)

Obviously there are still some objects un-textured.
And the lighting needs more work.

UPDATE July 6, 2016
1. I hated those curtains! so replaced them with blinds, which I think are more interesting :)
2. Decided to do more damage to the floor, to open up space so we can see the basement.

UPDATE July 9, 2016
Quick update.
- Added a few objects in basement.
- Trying a new camera angle which I think will be my main camera. What do you guys think?

UPDATE July 16, 2016
Small update to show where this is going.

UPDATE July 22, 2016
Small update.
- The basement is flooded (obviously!)
- New camera angle.
- Textured few objects.

UPDATE August 5, 2016
New updates.
- Finished texturing basement assets
- Added some post process effects

UPDATE August 12, 2016
OK. I'm trying a new element here.
Really need your feedback on this.

UPDATE September 2, 2016
Find some time to work on this. There are still a lot of things left to do on this scene

UPDATE September 12, 2016
Small update

UPDATE September 23, 2016
Small update

UPDATE September 30, 2016
Probably last update before calling this done!

UPDATE October 13, 2016
Final Result