Sunday, January 19, 2014

Friday, January 03, 2014

Game Assets - 2013

Here are some of the assets I made last year (2013) for various games.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Abandoned Men's Room - 2013

A personal project based on a photograph by Hjalmar W.

Used software: 3DS Max, Photoshop, V-Ray, UVLayout, nDo

Unearthly Challenge III - Sweet Track [UDK] - 2013

My entry for Unearthly Challenge III.

At first I wanted to create a hell-like environment for this challenge, BUT that was so boring, not so much challenging, and ...
So, I decided to change the whole perspective and try something more fun and unusual! at least for me! :)

The main idea is a race game in a world made of different comestibles. This world consist of different regions and every region has its own theme/element. (e.g. Desserts Region, Drinks Region, Vegetables Region, etc.) Each region made of any sort of product or ingredients related to that regions element. (e.g. Drinks Region could have coffee/coffee powder/hot water/sugar/milk, etc.) To enter each region, the player must create a new vehicle suited for that region and must use that regions element(s). This is the "Sweet Track", one the tracks from Desserts Region, which mostly made of confectioneries.

Used software: 3DS Max, UVLayout, Photoshop, nDo, UDK

You can check the progress here at my Blog or at forums, 3DTotal.
Here's the LINK to my entry at

You can download the UDK package from HERE . Just leave a comment, if you did :) and don't forget to mention me in your work :))

Abandoned Office (Re-Composited Version) - 2013

I decided to re-composite my old work. :) Here's the result!

Used software: 3DS Max, V-Ray, UVLayout, Photoshop, PixPlant, GrowFX

Paper City - 2013

Here are some shots from our latest project at Vishka Studio, 'Paper City'. A city made of paper!

Used Software: 3DS Max, Photoshop and V-Ray for presentation

Sci-Fi Corridor [UDK] (Comparison) - 2013

Sci-Fi Corridor [UDK] (2nd Version) - 2013

What changed:
Lighting: completely re-done (Red/Yellow/Blue lights)
Materials: added reflection and gloss, enhanced Normals and Emissives
PostProcess & Effects: added custom PostProcessChain, LensFlares, BokehDOF, ChromaticAbb, Vignette, enhanced AO, HeightFog

Used software: 3DS Max, UVLayout, Photoshop, UDK

Sci-Fi Corridor [UDK] - 2013

A personal Sci-Fi game environment done in UDK.

Used software: 3DS Max, UVLayout, Photoshop, UDK

Abandoned Office - 2012

I would love to thank all those who helped me through this with their helps and ideas ;)

This was a personal project, started as a simple Arch-viz project, but after a while it looked too simple and empty, so I decided to go nuts and destroy the environment :)

Used software: 3DS Max, V-Ray, UVLayout, Photoshop, PixPlant, GrowFX

Check my progress here at my Blog or at forums, CGSociety