Wednesday, January 09, 2013

W.I.P. - Abandoned Office [COMPLETED]

This is originally posted at CGSociety forum. But I decided to create a copy here as well.

Original Post at October 27, 2012

Hi everyone,
this is a project I'm working on, in my spare time.

It's started as a simple architecture visualization project,
here's what I've started with as a reference:

but after I finished the modeling, I wasn't really satisfy with it.

I thought what if I make this an abandoned room or something! not a bad idea, haaa?! :)

I've viewed so many pictures of real abandoned rooms, homes, offices, .... even some video games (mostly The Last Of Us).
Here is a render I've took before I start any texturing:

I'll post new renders with some texturing soon.
Your comment and critics are very welcome.

Update October 27, 2012
Here's a render I've taken few days ago.
(this is a rough render [low setting in VRay])

I'm still working on textures.
I'll probably gonna do some modeling to add more.
It would be nice to hear your opinions about this

Update November 6, 2012
Here's the latest render I've taken.
Texturing is almost done, although I think some colors need tweaking

Update November 21, 2012
Some changes. what do you think.

Update November 27, 2012
A quick composition test I've made today

Update January 9, 2013
Here's the final result

Update September 25, 2013
Here's the composition I've made a while back for this scene with more cooler feel