Wednesday, January 09, 2013

W.I.P. - Abandoned Office [COMPLETED]

This is originally posted at CGSociety forum. But I decided to create a copy here as well.

Original Post at October 27, 2012

Hi everyone,
this is a project I'm working on, in my spare time.

It's started as a simple architecture visualization project,
here's what I've started with as a reference:

but after I finished the modeling, I wasn't really satisfy with it.

I thought what if I make this an abandoned room or something! not a bad idea, haaa?! :)

I've viewed so many pictures of real abandoned rooms, homes, offices, .... even some video games (mostly The Last Of Us).
Here is a render I've took before I start any texturing:

I'll post new renders with some texturing soon.
Your comment and critics are very welcome.