Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

WIP - The Journey Challenge [POSTPONED]

Hey Everyone,

Really excited to join Artstasion's 'The Journey' challenge.
You can follow my progress at my Artstations contest page as well.

'No one ever returned! ' said his grandfather, telling the story about it!
Packed and hit the road few months ago.
On his way to find out whether the legends are true or not.
A big gamble!
If what his grandfather told him was true, he probably not gonna survive to tell what he faced there!
But he's prepared himself from the day he heard the story and willing to risk it all...

It was getting dark and darker every second...
He stopped, picked up a piece of wood, and lit it up.
It was when he was crossing a damp swamp that his eyes hit the castle for the first time.
It wasn't so far away anymore and it looked creepy and terrifying as he expected.
Dark, tall walls, towers reaching for the sky...

There is no turning back.
Just have to cross the forest ahead...

"Journey to Angra Mainyu Castle"

Here are a few references I'm going to use.